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How to hire a private chef for a dinner party? With our help it is easy!

Imagine inviting your friends to a private dining dinner party at an exclusive restaurant they have never experienced.  Surprisingly, this is to be your very own dining room, or in the marquee set up in your back garden.  Certainly at Chef In My Kitchen, your private chef at home and waiting-on team will create this unique magic. Consequently, your free time will be speared to spend it with your loved ones so you can enjoy your special occasion. Chef Hire

Your private chef hire and team will be at your home a few hours prior to your guests arrival. Firstly we will transform your dining room to that promised 5 star restaurant setting. Further more we provide all the linen, crockery, glassware and cutlery, as well as unique and elegant table decorations. In addition should you wish us to help with tables and chairs, you only need to ask.

In the mean time, your home chef will be in the kitchen, preparing your gourmet meal from scratch. And more over, If you would like to join in for few tips, we will have an apron ready for you.

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So what happens next? Sit back and get pampered!


Your private chef and waiters will take care of everything during your private dining experience. From greeting your guests, right up to cleaning-up the last glass. Most importantly you don't have to lift a finger. Our staff are at your service, leaving you free to be the perfect host, lapping up the complements! 

Formal sitting down dinner is one of the choices offered. However, it all depends on space available at home, number of guests invited and theme you are thinking of.  Furthermore, the more you tell us about your celebration, the more we can advise you on what suits best on the day. Our Sharing platter service, hot and cold buffets catering or bowl food service can be few of other available options.

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Once you have decided on your final menu choices, we can offer you our wine pairing service. Depending on what you decide to offer your guests, we can advise on which wines suit best with each course.  Our wine menu is quite extensive and covers a wide selection of wines and ports from different corners of the world.

Choosing our wines is not compulsory. Above all, we completely believe in freedom of choice. Likewise, should you prefer to provide your own wine , we will be more than happy to serve it to you. In contrast to other caterers, there will be no extra charges for this and we still present you with all required glassware.

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