Food & Menus

At Chef In My Kitchen, all of our menus are designed as a guideline of the dishes we do produce. They are by no means the only choices on offer. What ever is your favourite platter,cuisine theme, special diet or  allergy, we will be ready to create your personal bespoke menu.  All our ingredients suppliers are hand picked and we frequently visit them to see how our produce is grown or made. Our menus are prepared from scratch in your kitchen, so  If you fancy watching the chef making your dinner or maybe  wanting to get involved in the cooking to pick up some tips and secrets, we will have an apron ready for you.

Please feel free to browse or download our various 2018 menus...

May-July 2020 sitting down menu
Cold buffet menu
Finger buffet menu
Christmas Day 2020 Menu
Christmas 2020 Festive Buffet Menu
wedding menues
Hot buffet menu
BBQ party menu
Christmas Day 2020 Delivery Menu
canapes menu
Sharing Platters
Wine Menu
Christmas 2020 Sitting Down Menu