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Chef prepared meal delivery services

Imagine having meal prep delivery to your home every week?  Just think no weekly meal planning, no list making, no food shopping, no hours in the kitchen preparing your meals.

That’s where Chef in my Kitchen comes in with our home delivery meals.  We have been preparing food in your kitchens for more than 10 years now.  However this was brought to a grinding halt during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.  Although this prevented us, for a period, from cooking in your kitchen, we were able to cook in our kitchen. And then deliver the meals to you.  These were prepared with the same outcome in mind and that was to give you regular fresh and healthy meals.  The safety of our customers and our staff is paramount.  Therefore all necessary healthy and safety measures are in place to ensure this is upheld.

Our healthy food delivery service will provide you with as few or as many meals as you wish.  Whether you would like the full healthy food delivery with all your meals delivered.  This includes breakfast through to dinner and healthy snacks in between.  We can prepare food for on the go so healthy lunches to take to the office.  The choice is yours.  If you are following a specific diet our chef will provide you with healthy home food delivery.  Thus giving you the right meals to maintain that diet.

Healthy Eating

We are not a food delivery box company!

At Chef in my Kitchen our key aim has always been to provide each client with a personal service when it comes to catering for their events.   Our meal delivery service is no different.  One of our chefs will speak with you and understand what your requirements are.   We recognise that each individual and their families have different needs when it comes to meals.  Therefore. we ensure that we fulfil those exact needs for our home delivery meals.

Our chefs understand that you will have your favourite dishes.  However we also understand that you want variety and want to keep it interesting.  The healthy food delivery service, fulfils all of those needs.  Therefore we send you a menu every week where you can decide exactly what you want.  We keep a record of all your feedback so we build a profile of your needs. You will get the opportunity to try tasty meals and dishes you may have never considered before.

A lot of our clients want healthy meals.  They may have specific allergies or intolerances and our healthy food delivery caters for all of that.

Home delivery meals

We are not a mass producing food delivery box company. Our healthy food delivery service is personal to each client and we pride ourselves on building those relationships with clients. Our Chefs prepare and deliver your meals so are always on hand to answer questions.

We are also not a subscription service and recognise that your life is not uniform week in and week out. You may travel for business, you will take holidays, weekends away. All we ask is that you let us know the week before so we plan our meal prep delivery services. You are not tied into a contract. We are here to provide you with meal delivery services as and when you need and want it.

We have worked with a lot of our clients for many years.

Healthy Food Delivery

It is important to you to eat healthy everyday.  However in this day and age planning of healthy meals every week is not always easy.  Individuals and families lead very busy lives, going out to work, running around after the children and so on.  Each evening coming home tired and exhausted.  We recognise that then going into the kitchen to prepare a healthy meal from scratch is not something you necessarily look forward to. Our healthy meal delivery services are, therefore, a perfect solution to this problem.

Therefore, imagine coming home and just taking a fresh meal out of the fridge.  This is one of your home delivery meals that your chef has prepared and delivered to you.  So you know it is going to be tasty, healthy and exactly what you ordered.  All you need to do is put the finishing touches to it and you will have a deliciously cooked meal.  No prep, no planning, no shopping and hardly any dishes!  What’s not to love?

Healthy food delivery

Whether you are just cooking for yourself or for your partner, your children or are even having a friend over. Even more if your family has different requirements each meal will have been prepared with that in mind.  Therefore you are keeping everyone in the family satisfied. You can rest assured that our meal delivery services will fulfil all those needs.

If you or members of your family need or want to follow a specific diet.  Then our chefs ensure all meals are prepared to the exact requirements of that diet.  Our customers have found following an eating plan is made much easier using one of our meal prep delivery services

Healthy food delivery service

So, Chef in my Kitchen, how do your meal delivery services work?

Well, that’s easy!   All you have to do is contact and let us have an idea of what home delivery meals you require. Once we receive that enquiry we will ask one of our chefs to call.  They will arrange a convenient time to give you a call and discuss this with you.

On the call the chef’s aim is to get an understanding of those exact requirements.  You will discuss what you like and don’t like.  If you have food intolerances or allergies that this will be your opportunity to let us know.  They will want to know how often you want the meal prep delivery.  This could be a few times a week or once a week.  With out fine dining food delivery service this may be on a less regular basis.

The chef will put together a proposal and a quote for you and will send that over straight away.  Once you decide you want to go ahead we will schedule your healthy food delivery or regular deliveries.  All you have to do is look forward to the start of your healthy food delivery service. Now you will have to decide what you can now do with all that spare time on your hands!

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Freshness and Quality

All our meal prep delivery services are prepared fresh on the day of delivery in our kitchen.  Each meal is cooked and packaged ready for delivery.  We also prepare full instructions so you will know exactly what to do for the final preparation and heating up.

We will then deliver the food straight to the door of your home at the agreed time.

All our healthy food home delivery services are bespoke.  We will deliver as few or as many times as you wish.  During a regular week where you will require meals for most days we would recommend 2 deliveries a week to ensure the freshness of the food.

All our produce is sourced from quality suppliers and where possible is procured locally.

If you have a friend that is local to you who would like the same service on the same day then we offer a discount to you both.

For more information about our regular healthy meal delivery service or fine dining delivery

Please call us on 03300 536 535  or send us an email with your requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you.