Athlete's Personal Chef Hire - for Elite Sportsmen/women who value their nutritional needs

When a athlete decides to hire a personal chef they can be certain we understand the requirements.  Nutrition for athletes is pivotal to their successful career.

Our athlete's personal chef knows that eating the right food is critical to performance.  It is also knowing the right time and the right nutritional balance.   Finally it is as important for a high performing athlete, as their physical training programme.

A solid, healthy, nutritional food plan will not only support the athletes training, but also aid in improving performance. Eating clean and correctly helps the body to absorb the fatigue of training. It also aids recovery after exercise and is often the missing ingredient for success. The right healthy and nutritional diet for athletes will help attain and maintain peak performance.

Although the achievable goal of the diet is the same, the road to it differs from one athlete to another. To help us discover the best diet that suits you, our personal chef works with your team’s or personal nutritionist. They usually have a good understanding of your personal diet needs and we convert these into food.

No matter the sporting sphere, the goal remains the same and that's to reach the highest possible accolades they can. That is why, we are not just footballers chef, but we also prepare food for all kind of athletes.


Why should Chef In My Kitchen be your Choice

As well as working predominantly with the athletes, our personal chef also liaisies closely with  the rest of the athlete's family. We ensure that the meals we prepare are designed to please all, whilst sticking to the nutritional brief. We prepare all the meals at your own home, using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

As a professional and responsible catering company, we fully respect the privacy of our clients. We guarantee utmost confidentiality in any contact with them, and also all the work that we do for them. We are grateful that a great number of our clients are happy to give testimonials to our Personal Chef services. Being the official Footballers Personal chef supplier for Limelight Access , the UK no1 concierge company for Premiership athletes, speaks for itself.

Given the nature of our clients' work schedule, we are very flexible with their fixtures during the season.  Therefore we do not tie our clients to any contract. Whether you hire a personal chef on a daily basis, or just require us occasionally. We are flexible.

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