Ordinarily, people eat food to quell hunger pangs and to fulfill nutritional needs. Nutritionists and Personal Chefs now appreciate that there are foods that improve mood.  They believe that there is a link between Food and mood. Different types of food have the potential to improve or worsen a person's mood. Some foods have the potential to enhance your mood and lift your spirit when you are down. We like to think of these types as our good mood food.   This does not mean eating a packet of biscuits after a bad day in the office.  It is happy food that is nutritionally rich and is good for our body and mind.

Here is a list of the top mood boosting foods.

Happy Food

Seafood - fishy good mood food

Seafood tops the list of foods that improve mood because oysters and mussels, for example,  contain vitamin B12.  B12 is a critical component of the compounds that transmit signals to the brain and nervous system.  A deficiency of B12 causes mood disorders and anxiety.  While supplements reduce the severity of depression. Take plenty of seafood because it really is good mood food.

Fish products

Just like seafood, fish products are mood boosting foods that relieve the symptoms of depression. They contain compounds that suppress inflammatory agents in the spinal cord that are a risk factor for Alzheimer’s. Moreover, fish and fish extracts contain omega-3 fatty acids that are an effective remedy for depression. These fats produce serotonin, which is essential for mood regulation.

Foods that improve mood

Mediterranean diet

Research has linked the Mediterranean diet to reduced incidences of depression. Therefore this diet is packed with mood boosting foods.  One study determined that it reduces the risk of depression substantially. Whilst another study found that it lowers the risk of Alzheimer's. The Mediterranean diet is so nutritious because it contains healthy foods.  These include whole grains, nuts, fish, and vegetable oil. All the components of this diet contain compounds that improve brain functioning.  Whilst at the same time reducing the risk of depression.

Green vegetables - part of our 5 a day good mood food

Green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli contain foliates, minerals, and vitamin K.  These are all good mood food. They also contain substances that help the body eliminate toxins. People who take several servings of raw greens obtain cognitive benefits such as improved memory function and speedy information processing. Greens are most effective when eaten raw. Take at least one serving of green vegetables every day for best results.

Fermented foods

Fermented foods contain healthy bacteria that boost diversity in the biome. The bacteria in the gut play an essential role in influencing your mood by supplying immune enhancers. Fermented foods, especially those that contain probiotics are good mood food that reduces social anxiety and depression. Take foods such as yogurt and kimchi because they boost immunity and moderate the frequency of negative thoughts.

Good Mood Food


Tomatoes are rich in folic, which is a happy food. Studies indicate that most depression patients have a folate deficiency. The folic acid in raw tomatoes enhances the production and supply of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. They also contain alpha-lipoic acid. This powers the brain by converting glucose into useful energy.

Whole grains

Whole grains are rich in vitamin B, which is critical to a healthy brain. They contain vitamin B1, which converts glucose to energy and B5.  It then produces a neurotransmitter that boosts memory and cognitive performance. Meanwhile, B6 produces the hormone serotonin, while B12 is a nexus between food and mood through its role in the nervous system.

Cocoa products - our favorite good mood food

Cocoa in its raw form, and when processed into chocolate is rich in polyphenols. These are antioxidants that reduce mood swings by releasing compounds that calm the brain. You can take chocolate that is low on additives such as sugar.  Or consider making a beverage out of raw cocoa powder. Make raw cocoa a literal happy food by adding milk, bananas, and dates to the drink.

Mood Boosting Food


Avocados are a link between food and mood as they contain plenty of vitamins, healthy fats, and oleic acid. All of which are good for the brain. They are rich in vitamin K, three types of vitamin B, and vitamins E and C. They also contain lipids that aid in the absorption of other nutrients that lift your mood.


Legumes such as beans, peas, and lentils are rich in zinc and foliates, which are effective against depression. Take beans such as black-eyed peas to boost your foliate intake. Eat other legumes to improve your zinc intake. This is particularly beneficial if your diet is rich in plant foods. Such foods contain phytates that inhibit the absorption of zinc.