Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Christmas  Shopping can be difficult.  There are some people it is just so easy for – in fact you are spoiled for choice and that becomes a problem in itself!!

However there are those people that are just so difficult to find a gift for!  Well we hope that we can help today with some Foodie Gift ideas.  If you have a foodie in your life (and let’s face it there are a lot of them!) then we have 10 ideas of Christmas Gifts for foodies.

1.   Pasta Maker

This is a proper foodie gift for anyone who likes Italian cooking.  We know that you can buy fresh pasta in the shops now a days so you don’t just have to stick to the dried packet pasta  However making your own pasta is second to none.  We have found a great pasta maker that won’t break the bank but is excellent quality.  Once you make your own pasta I promise you will never buy pasta from the supermarket again!




2.   Fortnum and Mason’s Christmas Hamper

These are real cool gifts for foodies and an old favourite.  However it is something any proper foodie will love.  Best of all is that they get to keep the hamper once all the goodies have been consumed.  And having a Fortnum & Mason Hamper or basket is something to be proud of!  We appreciate these are a premium product but they are by far worth the price.  The quality of the goods in these hampers is second to none.  There are so many Christmas Hampers to choose from but our personal favourite is The Fortnum’s Collection Hamper.

3.     Book

Books are great Christmas gifts for foodies.  In this day and age you can pretty much find every recipe that you could ever dream of on the internet.  However this does not replace the touch, feel and smell of an actual book!  There is nothing more than a proper foodie likes than sitting down with a glass of wine and flicking through a cookbook.  However which one do you buy that will impress?  There are hundreds of amazing books on the market.   We asked our chefs which ones they would like.  We know how hard it is to impress a chef so we knew this would be a winner.  The Island Kitchen: Recipes from Mauritius and the Indian Ocean by Selina Periampillai is full of the most delicious and unusual recipes.


4.    Gin

Gin has been a hot trend for a few years now and it doesn’t look like it is going away soon!  There are so many craft gins out there that it is almost impossible to pick one particular one.  Therefore a subscription to a gin club is a great idea. It gives the gin lover an opportunity to taste lots of different gins.  It is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year so this is a gift that your foodie friend will not forget about!  The best one is The Craft Gin Club and they have a flexible subscription that can be monthly or quarterly.

Foodie Gift Ideas

5.   CIMK Vouchers

We could not list the top 10 presents for foodies without of course including our very own Gift Vouchers. As you know Chef in my Kitchen is a top catering company that provides many type of catering service.  Our gift vouchers can be used towards any of those services.  Your proper foodie friend may love fine dining and can use the vouchers towards a dinner party.  Therefore wine tasting  sessions are considered cool gifts for foodies.  Or maybe it is a special birthday next year so they could use the vouchers towards a canapé and drinks party.  Whichever it is for you can be sure they will be impressed with this unusual gift!

6.   Wine Tasting

We all have a friend who loves wine. However how much do they know and understand their wine?  Wouldn’t it be great to give them a gift whereby they can learn a lot more about what they are drinking.  Then next time you are out they will be able to show off their new skills and pick the perfect wine to go with dinner.  The Wine School of Cheshire offers some great courses and wine tastings.  From specific wine tastings to a course for the serious connoisseur by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

7.   Cooking Experience

Now one of the best gifts for foodies.  At Chef in my Kitchen one of our favourite Chef’s (apart from our own!) is the lovely James Martin.  At Chewton Glen in Hampshire they run some amazing cookery courses. Even more ultimate is that you can book a dinner with James Martin himself where they cap the number of guests at 12 so you can really get to spend some time with him.


8.   Chocolate

If you are thinking about cool gifts for foodies  and they are a chocolate lover. There are lots of gifts to choose from.  However if you want something a little unusual then there is nothing more delicious that a gooey chocolate brownie.  At the Bad Brownie there are some fantastic gift boxes.  They even have gluten free and vegan boxes which are great for those vegan friends!  The company does a special Christmas Brownie box . These are amazing brownies and something your Chocoholic friend will absolutely love


9.   Personalised Chopping Board

How about a personalised gift?  This is something your proper foodie friend can keep and treasure for a long time.  This is a beautiful gift for a foodie’s kitchen that they can use each day.  An Olive Wood chopping board that is great quality.  It can be used everyday as a chopping board or they can save it to serve cheese and biscuits when they have friends over for dinner.

10.   Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

There is something so quintessentially English about Afternoon Tea at The Ritz.  This really is ultimate in presents for foodies.  They get to enjoy amazing food in an opulent and beautiful environment.  One of the really great things about this gift is that if you are lucky they will invite you as their 2nd guest to this gorgeous tea!   The Ritz offer a number of different choices as well as gift vouchers.  It really is a high class gift that your foodie friend will love.

So there you have it, our top ten ideas for cool Christmas Gifts foodies.  All these gifts are something we would all enjoy here at CIMK HQ.  We hope you and your foodie friends enjoy them too!