Book a Cook and wow your guests

How can you tell that your preparations for a dinner party are perfect and everything will be in order?  No matter how well you plan and factor in every detail of your event, the chances are high that it will not completely live up to your expectations.  Above all, hosting a dinner party, even for close friends, can be very stressful.

Book a Cook to solve all these problems.  Imagine having dinner cooked for you at home  without having to lift a finger yourself.

The decision to hire a personal chef provides the perfect solution. Catering goes beyond preparing food and serving guests. Thus the benefits of hire a chef for the evening far outweigh advantages of trying to conquer all by yourself.

Nothing will guarantee a smooth running of your event than knowing you can relax and engage with your guests.   All the while having a chef in the kitchen handling all the work. Dinner Party hire allows you to mingle and chat with your guests and play the host.

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should book a cook for your event

Book a Cook
Dinner cooked for you at home

1.         Creating a Versatile Menu for your dinner party

Creating and preparing menus is something a chef does on a daily basis. Chefs are, by the nature of their work, creative and will come up with ideas you may never had considered.  Thus they have a greater knowledge of what food complements one another.

They also know which drinks pair best with the food on the menu. Whether you are planning for a family party, dinner party, or social gathering. Caterers always know the type of food to cook for every type of event. This way, they will provide appropriate recommendations during the preparation stage.

Hire a chef for the evening and they will also prioritise the needs of guests on special diets and restrictions.

2.         Book a cook and you can guarantee your Chef will serve amazing food

Serving your guests with the best food quality is not always easy. When you hire a chef for the evening it ensures your guests will be served with high-quality dishes and a meal that will surpass expectation.  Local talented chefs are the best to hire. They can ensure they utilise locally produced food for your guests to enjoy. The food served is a critical determinant of the success of your dinner party.

3.  No planning, no shopping, no preparation for your dinner party

Most people forget that dinner party preparations can begin many hours and even days before the event. This means that the host has to find time by taking a day off to plan, shop and prepare meals. Not only does a host need to plan what to cook.  They also need to think about the table, the linen, the crockery, the cutlery, the glassware, the flowers, the decorations ……..?  The list is endless!  When you book a cook, you only need to spend a short time discussing the menu and leave the rest to the chef.

Caterers will also bring their own catering equipment. Therefore you do not need to worry or even consider buying an additional equipment.  These are just some of the massive benefits of having dinner cooked for you at home.

DInner party hire
Hire a chef for the evening

4.  When you hire a Personal Chef you really can be the perfect host.

Through experience, you can tell that at dinner parties, the hosts never spend a lot of time interacting with the guests. They are always on the run, back and to to the kitchen. They check guests have full glasses all night. When you hire a chef for a dinner party, the stress and pressure is lifted. You can be that warm and charismatic host.  Above all, you can actually enjoy yourself along side your guests!  Hire a personal chef to avoid unnecessary stress and disruptions. It disengages the host with any preparation activities and fully engages them with the guests instead.

When you book a cook they will always make sure that there is plenty of food for all your guests.  There is no need to worry about running out of food.  You do need to panic whether that soufflé will rise or risking whether you have got your timings right.   It is all done for you.  This is part of the luxury of having dinner cooked for you at home.

5.   Hire a chef for the evening and create the wow factor

There are many aspects associated with hosting a dinner party.

Any caterer worth their salt knows it is more than just about the food.  When you hire a chef for a dinner party it should go without saying that you expect the food to be outstanding.  However there is a lot more to hosting a successful dinner party than just the food.  Adorning your dining room and table with sophisticated place settings and decorations adds to the ambiance that you want to create.

A catering company will be able to provide you with decoration that is appropriate to your room.  Whether this is an intimate dinner party in a cosy cottage or an elaborate fine dining meal in opulent surroundings.  It is important to get this right.

 There is nothing better than hearing the wows around the table and the phone calls you will get in the following days thanking you for an amazing party.  It will be the dinner party that is always talked about in the years to come.

 6.   I know I said 5 but we couldn’t leave this one out …..

There are no dishes to wash, no kitchen to clean.  Imagine coming down the next morning and the house looks like it never happened!

The great opera singer Luciano Pavarotti once said “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”

And what better way to do that than gathering your friends and enjoying a delicious meal with them in the comfort of your own home but with food the quality of a 5* restaurant.

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