5 of the Best Office Christmas Party Ideas You Must Try



When the Christmas season is approaching you will know; the office starts getting cold, and the smiles on people's faces get wider. Xmas party in the office doesn’t have to be the same old boring event where your boss takes you to restaurants and the  same old party venues. That is to say you can try out the different office Christmas party ideas.   Meanwhile let’s take a look at some of the best party ideas your office should consider this Christmas.


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Take the Party to a House - Posh Office Christmas Party Idea

Hosting the Christmas party in the office can be a fun thing to do, but space and the environment can limit your activities. If the company is small—with a few workers, you can host a dinner party at yours or a colleague’s house. Get some staff party ideas & Dress the dining room and make it look festive. The best part about this idea is that you can change your guest list and allow the staff to bring their families along. And more over this will also provide the best venue to get to know your colleagues away from the office in and make new acquaintances.

Have A Cocktail and Canapé Party

You can replace the usual Xmas party in the office with a cocktail and canapé party. This xmas party idea is more engaging and offers a chance to try out a new experience in the office. However you don't have to fully stock the bar to have a fabulous cocktail party. Consider a few signatures or easy cocktails with some red and white wine. Offer a selection of dark, light, and craft beer. You shouldn’t forget to cater for the non-alcoholics, therefore, have some mocktails, soft drinks, and juice.

Have A Holiday Party Theme - a must for Office Christmas Party ideas

Involving employees in planning and hosting the Christmas party could be the best way to maximize staff party ideas and settle for the best Xmas party themes. Therefore, the organiser should consider sending messages to the employees for their ideas. The themed party should also influence how the gift packages are created and the music that will be played at the party. In addition foods and drinks can also grace a themed party.

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Hire an entertainer

The best Christmas do ideas are those that allow you to do things that are out of the ordinary. Consequently staff members will always have a good time if they are entertained. Hire a DJ, a singer, a magician or a comedian to name but a few.  These are great staff party ideas.  Have a Christmas Karaoke – there is nothing like getting to know your colleagues by having a sing along!  Above all it boosts the morale of employees as they will feel that the company is adding more than just standard drinks and food. The laughing and gasping in astonishment is what Christmas is all about.


Decorate Business-Related Ornaments for The Christmas Tree

Christmas do ideas don’t have to be expensive. You can spend a holiday party hour taking a break from the usual and working on a holiday craft together. Set the tree up, have some food and drink. Let the Christmas party take place around the tree as each member works to add their own touch. You can make use of crystals, beads, glass balls, Styrofoam, or anything related to the company. If the company is small, you can have a picture of every staff member on the Christmas tree. You should also have the theme of the Xmas party in mind as you decorate your tree.

Remember it's Christmas ... enjoy yourselves!

With these office Christmas party ideas, your office party will be fun-filled. The main focus of these ideas is to make you do the unusual and have a good time.  Business should be fun as well as serious and Christmas is the perfect time to let your staff see that. It is a famous saying that "food brings people together.” If you want to add that extra special touch then ask Chef in my Kitchen to provide the food and drinks and really bring your staff together at Christmas.

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