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"The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value " - Charles Dudley Warner ...How much more appropriate than having your own chef?

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Buying a gift to suit someone special needs is good thinking, and when that special one has everything, it is even harder to choose something for them that you know they will use and enjoy. A private chef gift voucher for the day will definitely do the job. Whether it’s Valentine, a birthday, a hen evening or anniversary or just love, our gift vouchers are a perfect answer.

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There is no time limit on our vouchers and they can be used against any of our services, be it a fine dining evening, a cocktail or themed evening party.

Remember, diamonds are girl’s best friend; being pampered and served is girl’s favourite hobby.

All our vouchers carry a £100.00 face value each and are personalised for that extra touch.

So if you like to pamper that special one, just call or email us to order as many vouchers as you need.